How To Shop

1-You can chose any items which you like and add the shopping card ( if the items has different color combination please choose or write description and specify them.For example all the silver items can be in gold plated, rhodium or rose color)


2-When you finish your order please choose shipping zone, then you will see your order total with shipping cost.( you can see all of the countries list for every zone when you choose one of them)


3-Chekout your order by using shopping card.

4-After You checkout your order we will contact with you, and We will send you a paymnet link ( or if you want you can make wire transfer)

5-Preparing time is depends on your order but Generally it takes about 2 weeks ( if more then 2 weeks we will inform you by e-mail)


6- we send your order by Fedex, UPS or DHL door&door( We prefer the chepast courier company for the shipment)


7-We send your tracking number by e-mail to follow your shipment